Cork Art and Design

Hilary Nunan

Location: Kinsale
  • Paper Working


Hilary Nunan, a graduate of the Crawford College of Art & Design, lives in Ringabella, Co. Cork where she works full time from her studio. She works primarily through the combined mediums of natural fibre and acrylic . Her love of colour, texture and a desire to work through a process led her to this combination of materials. The fibres are mulched down into a fine paper pulp, incorporating acrylic colour and impasto medium.  This fibrous mix is applied either by brush or pallet knife, at times manipulating it into a thread like quality. Layers of thick rich impasto are scored and marked, overlaid in part by thin layers of translucent and opaque colour. The finished piece is very much dependant on the high quality of raw materials used. She is influenced by her love of nature and draws inspiration from her immediate surroundings, a rich tapestry of both rural and seaside delights.
Hilary is currently exhibiting through out Ireland, in the U.K. and U.S.A. Her work forms part of many public and private collections.


Address:The Cottage, Ringabella, Minane Bridge, Co. Cork
Phone: 0214887923