Cork Art and Design

Karin Kempf

Location: Dunmanway
  • Mixed Media Constructing


Karin Kempf’s work brings together the exotic and the common by the manipulation of fabrics and the use of colour she has created functional and fascinating tea- cosies, elaborate intricate headdresses and other apparel. Her main interest lies in investigating shape and texture and exploring various compositions within her designs.

Exploring sculptural forms using textile materials, some found, some designed and hand dyed by the artist, discarded jewellery and anything that excites her imagination. More recently she has been exploring different materials including metal, glass and wood, both on her own and in collaboration with other artists.

The use of recycled jewellery together with fabric colour and texture imbue each piece with a sense of memory and invite imaginative speculation and delight. Breathing new life into discarded items, her concern lies in creating harmony out of chaos.

The forms and materials used express her multi-cultural influences and incorporate iconic references, particularly religious icons. This can be seen in the large scale installations both in and around her home. Her exposure to different cultures comes from her native Bavaria, her extensive travelling in Africa and Asia and her life here in Ireland,

Commissioned pieces can sympathetically incorporate references to the life of the commissioner.

Balanced between form and function her symbolic pieces can be easy on the eye but invite closer examination.


Address:Carrigdangan Inshegeela Co Cork
Phone: 026 49354