Acquiring a ‘Taste for Craft’

'Taste for Craft' Craft and Craft Food Collaboration

In a first for Cork Craft Month, Makers from Cork Craft and Design have teamed with food traders from The English Market. In ‘Taste for Craft’-Craft and Craft Food Collaboration, each Maker has been carefully paired with a Food Trader from the Market and takes place on the Social Media accounts of The English Market Traders.

In the first collaboration, The Chocolate Shop paired with Tony Farrell. The rich colour tones of Tony’s beautiful Ash Plate complement the rich tones of our dark chocolate. The plate works as the most amazing plate to share the tasting pleasures of various tasters of dark chocolate as an after dinner sweet the melt on your tongue. With two sizes available- 20cm and 26cm diameter- their are no limitations to the amount of chocolate one could taste.

In the second collaborations, Maki Sushi paired with Martin Horgan of Craftek. We combined Cratek’s amazing Wu Tong chopsticks with Maki Sushi’s vibrant Poké Bowl. This pairing of Craft and Craft Food proved to be an extremely successful match. Martin’s Wu Tong chopsticks are aimed at those of us who struggle with chopsticks and Asian eating customs, giving them that little bit of help with the technique. The chopsticks are made from American Black Walnut and are 25cm long.

Who doesn’t love boiled eggs and toast in the morning? O’Sullivan’s Poultry paired with Ceramacist Siobhain Steele in the third event. Displaying the exciting collaborative nature of O’Sullivan’s delicious free-range eggs and Siohain Steele’s delicately decorated egg cups, which are inspired by the nature around her.

Name a better combination than cheese and crackers? Cheese from On the Pig’s Back and CK53 Design’s Kildorrery Butter Knife of course! In the third installment we paired CK53 Design’s walnut Butter Knife with On the Pig’s Back’s delectable cheese. The knife is suitable for butter and soft cheese so it is the perfect accompaniment for your favourite On the Pig’s Back cheese.  Pat, from CK53 Design crafts each knife by hand from the natural wood. His family have a rich history in craft food and being from a region in Ireland renowned for its fine dairy produce it was a natural fit to pair CK53 Design with the renowned On the Pig’s Back.



We took an exciting trip to visit O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausages in their sister shop on Winthrop Street to take some exciting foodie pictures with on of Brendan Ryan’s ceramic bowls. The craftsmanship of Brendan Ryan’s hand-thrown and Raku-fired bowls is echoed in the craftsmanship of the sausages made by O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausage.  O’Flynn’s had two dishes on the menu- a salad bowl, packed with mixed leaves, red cabbage coleslaw, chopped peppers and sliced gherkins with their Spicy Mediterranean sausage being the star of the show. Second on the menu was a traditional ‘Pure Cork’ dish- Bangers and Mash. Made with sausages, creamy mash, peas and drizzled with gravy this is the perfect hearty dish. O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausages have a wonderful blog post on the collaboration and will be sharing their recipes for these dishes on their website very soon!

This series of collaborations is in eight parts. With three in the series remaining, they are not to be missed! Stay tuned to the Events section on our website to see what is coming up next in the ‘Taste for Craft’-Craft and Craft Food Collaboration.