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David O’Brien

Wood Working

My Story

I started doing a woodworking more out of necessity than anything else.  My son’s wanted bunk beds and the one’s that were available to buy were not of the best quality and I was not impressed with the materials.  I decided to source the materials and make them myself.

What started out as a one off project has escalated to a passion to make different types of furniture and bespoke one off piece’s.
I’m a toolmaker by trade,  so no stranger to making something from raw materials to finished article.  I’ve not worked as a toolmaker for over twenty years and only when I started making a few projects did I realise how much I missed the challenge and satisfaction of being able to make something that other people appreciated.
All of the piece’s I make are made from hardwood which is beautiful and hard wearing.
They are piece’s that should last generation’s in an environment of disposable furniture.