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Emily Thompson


My Story

Emily Thompson is a textile artist who specializes in needle felting. Intrigued by the textures of the unique Irish landscape and the feelings of solace and peace imparted by spending time in these spaces, she seeks to recreate and explore these landscapes within a 2 dimensional space. At the core of her practice is her connection to the natural world.

Emily has a background as a painter and employs the techniques and theories of painting while creating what she refers to as ‘woolly paintings’. Using locally sourced Irish wool, which is washed and dyed using natural materials, Emily meticulously layers the dyed wool to create images of the beautiful Irish landscape. She uses a needle felting tool, and the required technique, which consists of matting the woollen fibres together by repetitively pushing the
fibres back and forth using the sharp barbed needle tool. Following this she uses both her sewing machine, and simple needle and thread to add further texture and detail to her works.

She considers her dyed wool her ‘palette’ and felting needles her ‘paintbrush’. She also offers a
variety of stationary products and fine art prints featuring prints of her work.