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Jim Kelleher


My Story

Jim Kelleher has worked with a wide range of media from performance art to digital-media, graphic design and ceramics. He is an Alumni of G.M.I.T and University of Ulster, majoring in Sculpture & Lens based Media. He completed the Ceramics & Pottery Design Course with the Design & Craft Council of Ireland in 2004. He returned to education in 2008 to complete a Higher Diploma in Teacher Training for Art & Design and is now a full-time educator.
His ceramic work continues to develop in a series of streams, including a range of figurative work exploring the whimsical and sometimes melancholy dramatics at play in the human condition and personal identity. This figurative work compliments a range of high-fired stoneware vessels, fired in oxidation. These pieces are thrown and altered on the potter’s wheel. He is particularly interested in forms that are developed and transformed intuitively, emphasizing the individuality, asymmetrical aspects, and personality of each pot. There is an emphasis on accentuating the malleable nature of clay as a central aesthetic in the fired ceramic pieces. This is enhanced with the use of thick slips as part of the form making process and the fluidity of layered glazes.