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Wild Rose Basketry


My Story

Rosemary Kavanagh, based in West Limerick and West Cork, is the two hands behind Wild Rose Basketry. Rosemary has dedicated the past 10 years of her life to courting many Ancient Arts and ways of the land that are wise and wrinkled with time; focusing on willow basketry the past 8 years. It is her belief that creation is what makes us human. And by creating through healthy relationship to place, heritage, and our inspiration we create resilient and meaningful culture. Rosemary grows over 20 varieties of heritage basketry willow in West Limerick that she has collected from her teachers across Ireland. In the Winter, you will find her in the sally garden harvesting the rods by hand with a traditional hook, singing her way through the cold, sorting the bundles by size in barrels, and tending the garden for the years to come. The rest of the year you will find her teaching in primary schools, T.Y courses for secondary school, and adult courses around the country. Finally of course, in her workshop, weaving many unique creations inspired by our rich traditions.