Instagram Takeover: Sheena Yolzari – Wreck the Record

Surrounded by music and vinyl lovers sparked the creation of Sheena’s Wreck the Record has evolved from a simple idea of upcycling vinyl records into bespoke hand carved art to now designing and creating unique pieces and commissioned works.

Instagram Takeover: Pat Murphy – CK53 Designs

Pat Murphy designs and creates a range of contemporary wooden gifts for the home. His work is stylish, yet practical and gives a modern interpretation of traditional wooden items, such as, butter knives, chopping boards, coasters and interiors. Pat, a self-taught woodworker,  works with sustainable hardwoods and strives to capture the natural colour of the more exotic woods, providing a fabulous accent to his bespoke pieces.

Instagram Takeover: Sheree Broge – Designs by Sheree

Using a wide range of clays, tools and techniques such as sculpting, stamping and moulding. Sheree creates unique, handmade pieces of jewellery in sterling silver, bronze and copper. The work explores numerous themes including nature and cultural symbols. In her ‘From My Garden’ series she uses fresh plants and found objects from her garden and the surrounding countryside.

Instagram Takeover: Suzanne O Sullivan – Glass Artist

Suzanne draws a lot of inspiration form the natural world, particularly fossils, stone, shells, twigs and other found objects. She is drawn to the elegant beauty of time and its ability to both erode and preserve objects and memory. Her work has evolved in various directions and is quite varied in techniques, mood and colour. Suzanne has exhibited in solo, and group shows in various venues around Ireland, UK, Turkey and Australia.

Instagram Takeover: Michael White – Ro Óg

Michael from Ro Óg specialises in Irish designed high quality handcrafted timber toys that can be passed from generation to generation. The toys are sturdy, safe and easy to use enhancing the effortless development of a variety of skills i.e. balance, co-ordination, control and spatial ability.

Instagram Takeover: Jade Horgan & Jo Slevin – Mr. Kite designs

Jade and Jo are inspired by textiles and pattern, particularly bold and unusual prints. They design and make a range of bright and colourful gifts and homewares from our studio in Cork city. Their current products include greeting cards, cushions, lampshades, bags and prints.

Instagram Takeover: John Bastow – Solas Agus Scath

John hand prints linocuts, which include mainly monochrome prints of such images as local landmarks, flora and fauna and also a collection of old Irish coins. Linocut is a printmaking technique, in which a sheet of linoleum is used as the relief or negative surface. Once carved, the linoleum sheet is inked with a roller, and then pressed onto paper to create the final image. He prints all pieces by hand onto handmade paper, each one being slightly different and unique.

Instagram Takeover: Eleanor Cahalane – Heartwood Designs

Eleanor is a wood carver who likes to bring out the different features of wood working by hand with chisels and gouges and a variety of hand tools. The presence or absence of bark and the natural colouring result in unique creations. She also uses different surface textures to create a different feel which can be enhanced by light. Pieces are sealed and finished using a furniture oil or wax to preserve its beauty with as soft and natural finish. 

Instagram Takeover: Brendan Ryan – Ceramics

Most of Brendan’s work is hand built using a stoneware clay and sgraffito carving to decorate. He also throw some of his forms on the wheel and uses a medium to high firing glaze. His work is inspired by the lay of the land in which he grew up and now lives in. Brendan have always felt a sense of belonging to this place and it will always represent home for him. Through his work, he explores this environment, its subtle movement and shifting, and his place in it.

Instagram Takeover: Eimear Crowley – Grá Na Trá Jewellery

With a love for designing jewellery and a fascination with the connections between the Irish landscape & Celtic Mythology, Eimear created Grá na Trá. Seashells are collected by hand & up-cycled with precious metals & natural materials to produce unique jewellery, which inspires a connection with the Irish seaside and the Celtic feminine entity.