Cork Art and Design

About Cork Craft & Design

Cork Craft & Design (CCD) is a voluntary organization of Cork crafts persons and a company limited by guarantee. CCD’s remit is to represent all professional craft makers in Cork City and County. We are an umbrella group for professional craft makers in Cork County. We are working to make Cork City and County a recognised centre of excellence for making, seeing, collecting, buying and learning about contemporary craft

The Cork craft industry sector includes ceramics, glass, jewellery, textiles, furniture and many more. Cork craft businesses are mainly small in scale and geographically widespread. The industry is a significant employer, providing viable, sustainable enterprises around the county, including in rural communities deemed unsuitable by other manufacturing sectors.

We aim to:

To help build a strong support system that allows contemporary craft to flourish

To encourage greater interest in contemporary craft

We believe that:

Craft plays a dynamic and crucial role in Cork’s social, economic and cultural life

Craft should be available to everyone - to see, make, touch, buy, collect, learn about and explore

The strength of craft lies in its use of both traditional and contemporary techniques, ideas and materials resulting in awe-inspiring work.

Craft skills and knowledge should be shared and passed on to keep Cork craft strong and vibrant

The future for Cork craft is bright if its talent is nurtured, supported and encouraged.

We currently

Co-ordinate Cork Craft Month throughout Cork city and county annually

Maintain a database of crafts producers in the Cork region

Co-ordinate a high quality Irish made Christmas Craft Fair in Ballymaloe each year